Feroze Khan dragged big names in a dirty game

Famous television star put big names in the industry into a defamation cases. Feroze Khan sued his ex-wife and some of his fellow actors to put a question mark on his reputation and casing his defamation. He is already fighting a child custody case in court.

Feroze Khan on Tuesday served defamation notices to several artists for [levelling] false and baseless allegations against the actor. Taking to Twitter, the Khaani actor shared, “Defamation legal notice has been served by my legal team to those for [sharing] false and baseless allegations.” After this a lot of big names of industry are in trouble.

Last year, several celebrities lent support to Khan’s former wife, Syeda Aliza Sultan. After she accused the actor of physical and psychological abuse during their four years of marriage. Many celebrities came out in her support, asking for Khan’s accountability.

The Khuda aur Muhabbat star has been in the spotlight in recent months due to his divorce and ongoing custody battle with ex-wife Syeda Aliza Sultan. Allegations of abuse by Khan against Sultan have been reported, along with evidence including pictures submitted in court documents.

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Many celebrities have voiced support for Sultan and condemnation of Khan. Khan has denied the allegations and stated that he is fighting his case in court. Claiming that the accusations are an attempt to defame him.

Feroze Khan has now sent a legal notice to all the fellow actors who posted against him after what went down. The list includes the following celebrities:

  1. Syeda Aliza Fatima- ex wife
  2. Musaddiq Malik
  3. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy
  4. Asim Azhar
  5. Osman Khalid Butt
  6. Mira Sethi
  7. Minal Khan
  8. Aiman Khan
  9. Sarwat Gilani
  10. Yasir Hussain
  11. Farhan Saeed Butt

Here are the celebrities being served notice for defamation and up to 20 million fine.

The legal notice further read that “baseless allegations made for which no official FIR was launch. This led to defamation and character assassination as a result of which my client is continuously suffering from a financial loss of approx Rs20 million. And mental torture since September 21, 2022.”

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