What incidents happened in Pakistan in 2022

Since last year was quite promising in many departments. Pakistan saw drastic change in political and demographic changes in 2022. Gets international recognition while witnessing the highest inflation in history. Here is Pakistan 2022…

The year 2023 started with full glitz and glam. People are making important resolutions to make their next year better than last year. But Pakistan saw a lot of drastic changes in its political and economic grounds. Today in this article we will discuss all the major events that happened in the whole year. However, we can make necessary changes to make our country and future better.

At the start of the year, the ruling party saw the nonconfidences of the opposition. As the result, they get kicked out of the cabinet and a series of political instability starts in the country. The caretaker government came but until now they are failing to cope with the country’s political condition so far.

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Amid economic and political turmoil, Pakistan suffered a climate disaster. In June, unusually heavy monsoon rains arrived, combining with glacial melt to inundate flood-prone areas and cause rivers to overflow their banks. By September, one-third of the country was underwater, millions of farmers had lost a season of crops, and Islamabad was asking for urgent assistance. The crisis seemed unprecedented—yet it was Pakistan’s second superflood since 2010.

765,000 people left Pakistan in 2022 to seek better educational opportunities outside the country. Compared to the 225,000 departures in 2021 and the 288,000 immigrants in 2020, these numbers are almost quadrupled. Almost 92,000 people in the list are doctors, engineers, informational technology experts and accountants by profession.

According to the documents, more than 92,000 graduates, 350,000 trained workers, and the same number of untrained laborers left the country in 2022. The documents additionally revealed that 736,000 individuals visited the Gulf states.

Apart from all the problems, Pakistan flourishes in many departments as well. In the field of music and fashion, our artists get recognized. Our sports department made a lot of remarkable records. In short, our country is not so bad but needs one leader to flourish.

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