50,000 kids born in Faisalabad in last 10 days

Despite of economic instability, there is no stop on kids birth in Pakistan. In last 10 days almost 50,000 kids are born in different areas of country, specifically in Faisalabad. Is this a blessing or a burden on nation’s treasure?

Punjab’s Local Government Department has announced that it has registered over 262,000 newborns in just 10 days as part of a birth registration campaign. According to the reports, Faisalabad tops the list having registered 50,184 babies in just ten days. In the Lahore Division alone, about 34,672 newborns were registered. In addition, 9,362 children in Rawalpindi, 18,111 in Sargodha, and 36,850 in Dera Ghazi Khan were registered. More than 50,000 kids in a single city… That is amazing.

Ensuring that children are registered at birth is important as it helps to establish their legal identity and can provide them with access to vital services such as healthcare and education. Additionally, Gujranwala recorded 12,350 births, Sahiwal 21,301, Gujarat 13,402, Multan 43,822, and Bahawalpur 22,905 infants.

Municipal Secretary, Syed Mubasher Hussain, the district of Faisalabad had the highest rate of birth registration during the campaign, with birth certificates issued to more than 50,000 children. Overall, the campaign saw 126,717 girls and 136,242 boys registered within 10 days. This marks a significant achievement in ensuring that children are registered at birth.

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If you look at the statistics these numbers are horrific for the economy, Country is already barely surviving on limited resources. Children are a big blessing for every couple. But this trend continues it might hurt the backbone of the already shaking country.

If we calculate the ratio, with these numbers we will reach the level of China soon. We do not have enough resources to fulfill everyone’s needs and requirements. We need desperate birth control or a planned baby production for a better future. Maybe with the same China’s birth control method we can control these numbers to cope with upcoming challenges.

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