Triplets from Sahiwal got admitted to KEMU in 2023

Kids are the pride of parents but sometimes few children outdo their parent’s expectations. A recent example is the triplets from Sahiwal who got admission to KEMU with flying colors. All three brothers aim to study major subjects to serve the nation most effectively.

Pakistan is full of potential and its youth are willing to do wonders in every field. A recent example is the admission of three brothers who got admission to King Edward Medical College in 2023. Triplets belongs to Sahiwal that is famous for quality dairy products. News breaks in the media and the young blood got the limelight they well deserved.

The Father of the boys Abdul Majeed Khan Niazi is also a doctor. He never imagined that his sons achieved this milestone. His son Muhammad Sanan Khan Niazi got 95.9 percent on the merit list. Meanwhile, Muhammad Rayan Khan Niazi got 94.51 and Muhammad Hamdan Khan Niazi got 93.773 percent respectively.

In an interview, all the boys tell their side of the story and struggles. They all studied for maximum hours to get the highest marks in matric, FSC, and then MDCAT. In Pakistan, there is a very tough procedure to get into medical school. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. In such circumstances, the admission of these brothers is amazing and exemplary.

Every year thousands of students enrolled in admission tests to get into medical colleges. This profession is the most prestigious in our society so parents urge their kids to become one. Sometimes luck and most of the time immense hard work get them into one of the schools. Doctors from these colleges are certified and the world acknowledges their talent and intelligence generously.

These triplets set a bar so high for upcoming students that is difficult to surpass. All the brothers aim to get into major fields like cardiology, oncology, etc. They wants to return what they get from this nation.

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