Misconceptions about Ghar e Hira among pilgrims

Ghar e Hira is one of the prominent religious sites for Muslims all around the world. Millions of pilgrims visit Jabal e Noor to witness this miraculous sit. Despite a lot of knowledge and content, people have few misconceptions about this vicinity. Today we will discuss all of them one by one.

We all know the significance of Ghar e Hira situated in Jabal e Noor, Mecca KSA. Every Muslim knows that this is the sacred place where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) got the first Qur’an’s revelation from the angel Jibreel (A.S). According to a few historians it happened in the sacred month of Ramadan. So every year millions of pilgrims visit the cave and seek blessings. Caves witness a heavy flux in the last 10 days of Ramadan because of their historic significance. With time a lot of misconceptions are made regarding this holy cave that we need to address.

I recently got an opportunity to visit Ghar e Hira myself. Allah called me to visit His home and asks for His forgiveness and unlimited blessings. I climbed up the cave in one hour with small intervals and water breaks. After climbing 1000 plus stairs, i reached to this beautiful small cave where our Prophet (SAW) use to meditate for days.

A Surprising Experience

I saw bunch of people fighting over offering nafl and supplications inside. They were arguing that it is necessary to visit Ghar in order to complete the process of Umrah or Hajj. This was a new information for me so i researched after coming back. Saudi officials put a board in the start of trail that it is not obligatory to offer nafl inside the cave. It is sacred to us because our beloved Prophet (SAW) put his foot inside. Other than that it is not necessary to offer 2 or 4 nafls and seeks for forgiveness.

Other that that few pilgrims visit the cave wearing Ihram (special attire to offer umrah or hajj). They consider this visit as one of the important supplication. So to clear this air, it is not necessary to do this as well. You can visit the cave for its historic significance only. Other than that no special prayer or supplication is mentioned for cave anywhere.

So if you are going on this beautiful journey soon, educate yourself and your loved ones. Ask prayers from Haram Ka’aba Tullah and visit Ghar e Hira for lesson’s purpose only.

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