We can’t change Qatar’s religion for 28 days: Says FIFA security head

Qatar is not hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup in order to alter its long-standing laws and Qatar’s religion. FIFA World Cup 2022 has started with full passion and craze in Qatar. However, ongoing controversies have forced Qatar’s FIFA Security head for some strong remarks. Qatar has its rules and if people want to enjoy the world cup this year, they have to follow them. Major General Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Ansari is serving as the FIFA World Cup 2022 head of security. He claimed that the brief 28-day event would not persuade the traditionally conservative Qatar’s nation to convert to another religion.

The western powers need the host nation to permit the use of the rainbow flag during the competition. However, despite FIFA’s apparent willingness to do so in and around stadiums. Qatar is not willing to oblige to this wish.

According to Qatar’s government, the LGBT+ community is welcomed in Qatar. However, they are not allowed to openly display their identities. According to Major General Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Ansari, the LGBT+ community is welcome in Qatar. Still, the government is not permitting them to display their lifestyle openly. Although, it is illegal to have a same-sex relationship in Qatar. However, the major general noted that gays and lesbians are welcome to visit the World Cup. But these people should respect local customs by keeping their private lives private. This is because Qatar cannot change its religion during the 28-day competition.

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Moreover, the general said that the community is even allowed to stay together. They can do whatever they want to do, but they should do all of this behind closed doors. The general said that these people can do whatever they want behind closed doors, as it is not Qatar’s concern. Qatar’s Security is here to oversee the competition. Furthermore, the major general did not make any comments about possible personal matters between individuals.

However, the major general clearly notified the world that the laws are unchangeable in Qatar. He encouraged the fans to come and enjoy the game. However, he also instructed them not to denigrate the entire society because of this (LGBTQ activism).

The Qatar Police declare that they will take down all LGBT flags from World Cup venues. Julia Ehrt of the International LGBT, and Intersex Association and Ronan Evain of Football Supporters Europe condemn Qatar’s statements.

They emphasized that Qatar’s “so-called protections” were actually smokescreens for human rights abuses.

The duo insisted that the world football governing body and the host nation should address the problem. They said that FIFA should consider the possibility of Qatar Police attacking people for flying a rainbow flag.

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