GB WhatsApp : A Messaging App or Spying App

GB WhatsApp is a clone mobile application of the world-renowned messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messaging platform that allows its users to message any of their contacts. The other contact must also be on WhatsApp as well. The messaging mobile App WhatsApp allows its users to instant message, audio call, and video call anyone with their number. However, there are multiple clone applications available on the internet as well. 

One such clone application is GB WhatsApp which allows all the features of the original application plus some additional as well. Additional features include a customizable interface, controlling how anyone watches their online activity on the application and viewing anybody’s deleted messages.

WhatsApp is the world’s most used messaging platform. This mobile application is mostly used almost in all parts of the World. People prefer WhatsApp over any other mobile messaging application. However, there are certain features in the application that requires users to switch to the GB version. GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original application. 

Although the original WhatsApp has continuously warned its user not to use any alternate Apps. Still, people prefer GB WhatsApp. However, the GB version is a third-party application and it is not available on PlayStore either. This is because it violates certain regulations of Google.

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Moreover, the FBI has recently published a report stating that unknown hackers have leaked a huge amount of data on the dark web. This data belongs to the people who use GB WhatsApp. GB version is not a safe application to use at all. As it is a third-party application it spies on its user’s activity and collects vital information. 

Moreover, this mobile application is more prone to hacking attacks as well. Many experts in cyber security do not recommend using this application. This is because there are multiple versions of this application available on the internet. No one knows which one is the accurate and real GB WhatsApp. So, all the other GB WhatsApp versions available are generally referred to as trojans.

So, it is definitely not safe to use GB version anymore. Moreover, the original owner of WhatsApp also said that they are continuously cracking down on people who use third-party applications. This means, using GB WhatsApp may now lead you toward the permanent blocking of your WhatsApp account.

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