Rishi Sunak announced to be new PM of the UK

Rishi Sunak has become the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Rishi Sunak took charge of the office and became the 57th PM of the UK on 25 October. This is just 6 weeks after the elections resulted in the appointment of Liz Truss as the Prime Minister of the UK. Lizz Truss resigned from the office as it was way more difficult for her to hold the responsibility. During her 6 weeks as the Prime Minister of the UK, she managed to plunder the whole economy of the UK. The United Kingdom is already facing the worst inflation in its history.

Lizz Truss proposed a mini-budget to fight the inflation and worsening economy and stabilize the country. However, the plan backfired and it further weakened the economy resulting in much more crises than before. Upon realizing the mistakes that she made during her appointment, Liz Truss immediately backed down and resigned from the office. The opposition party leaders including Boris Johnson and a few others from the Labour Party called for a general re-election.

The request was denied, however, and Sunak from the Conservative Party became the next PM of the UK. Rishi Sunak has already announced his new cabinet. The new cabinet has some of the previously selected members as well as the new ones. Mr. Sunak has appointed Jeremy Hunt as the chancellor of the Exchequer. Lizz Truss previously appointed Jeremy Hunt in the same position where he gave her a few important decisions. Jeremy Hunt told Lizz Truss about the market turmoil after her sweeping tax cut plan.

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Moreover, Mr. Sunak also decided to keep James Cleverly in his previous post as foreign secretary. The new PM of the UK has appointed Ben Wallace as the defense secretary. Both of these members of his cabinet supported Boris Johnson to be the new PM of the UK. Mr. Rishi Sunak was elected only by the votes of 200 conservative party members. Opposition leaders accused Rishi Sunak that he did not have a political mandate upon appointment. However, Rishi later rejected these claims. 

Rishi Sunak is a 42-year-old son of an Indian sub-continent immigrant. As he is a British Indian, Indians all across the world celebrate his appointment as this would mean better relations between India and Britain. Rishi Sunak has vowed that he will fix the mistakes made by the previous PM of the UK.

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