Sindh High Court directed authorities to completely ban ‘Gutka’

KARACHI: Sindh Assembly on Wednesday approved a bill to ban the manufacture, promotion, and sale of Gutka and Main Puri across the province. The registrar trademark presented his report before Sindh High Court. The bill says: “Anyone found involve in manufacture, storage, and consumption of gutka, Manipuri across Sindh will be sent to jail for 6 years and fine up to Rs 200,000”.

According to a bill, there will be a complete ban on the sale of gutka in educational institutions, hospitals, public transport places, and government and non-government institutions.

Gutka is a form of chewing tobacco made from ground areca nut, tobacco, catechu, paraffin wax, slaked lime, and sweet or savory flavors. According to a report, gutka, main puri, and other related derivatives are dangerous and are significant causes of cancer and heart diseases.

A report revealed that 69 large factories manufacturing ‘gatka’ (a type of tobacco) were operating in Karachi.

These factories are located in all six districts of Karachi. A large number of factories are said to be located in the western district of the metropolis where 32 factories are manufacturing ‘gatka’. There are 10 in the Central district, 9 in Malir, four in the Southern district, and seven each in Korangi and Eastern districts.

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The report also highlighted the names of the persons running the ‘gatka’ factories and where they are located and under the jurisdiction of the concerned police station.

The SHC heard the petition in Karachi seeking a ban on the above-mentioned products, which was also attended by the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Police Special Branch, and DIG Hyderabad.

According to details, the case hearing was adjourn till October 29, 2022, while issuing instructions regarding the ban.

In the previous hearing, the SHC had directed to prepare a list of police personnel involved in running an illegal business of illegal goods and ordered strict punishment against them.

He also sought details regarding the business of Gutke and Mawe owned by the Sindh Police officials and their superiors and directed the concerned agencies to take help from the Sindh Rangers in this regard.

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