No More Netflix password sharing to loved ones

Seems the famous steaming platform is facing problems from fellow rivals. Netflix may charge a bit more from you on each password-sharing account. They want to provide you services on the cost of their own benefit as well.

Netflix is the biggest streaming platform in the world. It has hundreds of movies, seasons, and quality content that can keep you hooked for hours. The add-less and password-sharing quality of the site makes it more appealing and attractive for users. It is very convenient for five people to use the application or site in one instance. For this reason a lot of people uses their friend’s or sibling’s or any other person’s account conveniently.

But with the inclusion of other OTT platforms like Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Comcast’s NBCUniversal, and Paramount Global. Netflix’s reputation is crumbling. To compete with them Netflix has to level up their game and for this they need more expansion and more revenues. To cope with this, in the first quarter of year they increased the monthly fee of netflix. Now they are planning to charge you on each account you have shared your password.

New plan of action

Netflix creates an area or “home” that it identifies as a primary household connected to an account. Users can access Netflix across their devices without interruption when in their designated homes. Users can travel away from their homes for up to two weeks without issues. But after two weeks, they’ll need to purchase extra homes to continue to use their accounts. For now, the additional homes cost $1.17 in Argentina and  $2.99 everywhere else. On a Basic plan, users can add only one extra home. On a Standard plan, Netflix will allow two extra homes. And on Premium, users can add three additional homes.

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“If you’ve got a sister, let’s say, that’s living in a different city, you want to share Netflix with her, that’s great,” said Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters during the company’s earnings conference call. “We’re not trying to shut down that sharing, but we’re going to ask you to pay a bit more to be able to share with her and so that she gets the benefit and the value of the service, but we also get the revenue associated with that viewing.”

For now, other global streaming services seem to have taken a lax attitude toward account sharing, as they chase new subscriber pools across the globe.

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