Audio tapes leaked scandal of PM office

Audio tapes from the PM office have been leaked on the Dark web. Hackers are selling Audio tapes on the dark web. Some unknown hackers compromised the Prime Minister’s Office’s security. The Hackers stole almost 8GB of data in the form of Audio Recordings during the breach. The hackers are still trying to sell influential data on the dark web. Pakistan is a nuclear state hence the leaks are a significant threat to the internal security of Pakistan. Hackers are selling the latest audio clip at $350,000 on the dark web.

The hackers claim that the clips contain major revelations about the presidential decisions. Recently, the hackers released an audio clip to show the authenticity. The audio clip had a conversation between an officer of the Prime Minister’s house and the Prime Minister. In the conversation, the officer pointed out that Maryum Nawaz had ordered him to import Machinery from India. The officer told the Prime Minister that this could be a risky move. Allowing this will threaten his power and control over the authority. The Prime Minister advised the officer to handle this request with care and proper sequence. This shows the compromised internal security of the Prime Minister House. Many Experts now believe that hackers are selling authentic data.

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However, after all the breaches of security, the government is still emphasizing that Audio recordings do not contain anything illegal. Many other audio tapes are also surfacing on social media. One of the recordings confirmed the arrival of Ishaq Dar as the finance minister of Pakistan. Moreover, there is a mention of Pervaiz Musharaf’s return to Pakistan. Whereas, in several Audio recordings Chief Senator was instructed to take resignation from PTI lawmakers.

The data is still up on the dark web. The hackers are claiming that the total file is about 8GB and more than 100 minutes of recordings are available. Hackers claim that the tapes do contain some sensitive information. However, Instead of defending the security breach, the government is trying to clear its name using leaks as proof. The Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb still claims that the audio tapes are proof that “nothing illegal had happened”.

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