Face masks are not mandatory says Emirates, Flydubai & Etihad

Face masks are not mandatory to wear anymore says Emirates, Flydubai and Etihad Airlines. The amazing news indicating the end of the global pandemic came in from Dubai. If you are traveling to Dubai through Emirates, flydubai, or Eithad airways, you don’t need to wear a mask. Etihad Airways stated a few days earlier that if people are traveling to Dubai from anywhere in the world, it is not mandatory for them to wear a mask. However, if people are traveling from Dubai to any other destination, they might have to wear masks. Certain countries in the world still have restrictions on face masks. People cannot travel to such countries without wearing a proper face mask and sanitization.

Emirates in a statement on their website said that if the destination requires passengers to wear masks, Emirates will ensure the implementation of the rules. However, it is optional to wear a mask while traveling to Dubai. Following the notification from Emirates, Etihad Airways also announced the vanishing of the need to wear a mask. Etihad Airways stated on their official platforms that people traveling to Dubai don’t necessarily need to wear masks. However, the rule will apply if the passengers are traveling to countries such as Japan, China, India, and Indonesia. Moreover, countries like Maldives, Philippines, South Korea, Seychelles, and Canada are also on the mandatory mask list. 

A spokesperson said that Dubai Civil Aviation Authority waived off the rule. DCAA made it necessary for all the crew members and passengers to wear a mask amidst the COVID-19 crisis. But recently, the authority has lifted many implications including the necessity to wear a mask while traveling. Moreover, the authorities have said that they can re-enforce the rules if they see any rise in COVID cases.

Aircraft and other airliners are regularly disinfected and sanitized to stop the spread of COVID. Furthermore, the isolation period is only 5 days for anyone who travels to Dubai. Along with this social distancing at mosques is also removed.

All of these steps in Dubai are the first step toward normal life after the pandemic.

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