Rapid response team from Palestine started flood relief activities in DI Khan

A rapid response team from Palestine under the instructions of Palestinian President Mehmood Abbass arrived in Pakistan. The team comprises medical experts and social workers that would help Pakistan authorities assess and assist the situation. The team arrived in Pakistan on Saturday. Palestinian authorities have said that at these difficult times the whole Palestinian nation is standing along with them. Pakistan being a Muslim country has never left Palestine alone. The Palestinian team is currently operating at full capacity in the Dera Ismail Khan region. The team constitutes of medical experts which will fulfill the need for doctors wherever needed. Moreover, members of the Red Crescent and Civil Defense experts are also members of the team.

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The sole purpose of the team is to help the Pakistani nation. Pakistan has received much international aid as of now. But none of the countries has sent their own people to Pakistan to assist with the actual work on the ground. The Flash flooding has killed over 1,500 people and has affected more than 33 million. These 33 million people all over the country are still at risk. They have lost their homes and basic necessities. This is the reason why they are at risk of diseases and an even more death toll is expected. But to prevent this death toll from rising, Pakistan Army and other authorities are working day and night. 

Palestine cannot help Pakistan with financial aid like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Turkey. But they have sent their best medical team and manpower to assist Pakistan. Pakistani authorities have thanked the Palestinian nation for their great regard. They said that the rapid response team has safely landed in Pakistan. They will continue their humanitarian relief mission. Moreover, they are trying their best to help Pakistan climb out of this catastrophe. The Pakistani nation will never forget this huge support from Palestine.

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