Using saliva to shine the ball is permanently banned by ICC

The International Cricket Council – ICC has permanently banned using saliva to shine the ball. It happened quite recently after the meeting with ICC members. ICC made the announcements of changes in certain playing conditions. The changes include the permanent ban on the use of saliva to shine the ball. However, the ban is not new to the players to adapt. This is because this temporary ban has been in place for more than 2 years now. Previously ICC put a temporary ban on players using saliva. In the wake of COVID 19 players were strictly instructed to not use their saliva to shine the ball as a health measure.

There were more changes added to the list as well along with this one. Some of the changes include things such as:

  • Previously ICC introduced a penalty for slow over rates. However, the penalty was only considered while playing T-20s. International Cricket Council has announced that the slow rates penalty would now also be considered in ODIs too. ICC said if the team has now used all of its stipulated time in only 48 overs, the last 2 overs must be bowled with just 4 fielders outside the powerplay circle.
  • A controversial rule has also been discussed and changed to come into action. A rule that disallowed the bowlers to run out a non-striker batsman has now been changed. The rule has been moved from the “Unfair Play” list to the “Run Out” list. According to the rule, if the non-striker batsman goes out of the crease before the delivery, the bowler can run out the batsman without delivering.
  • Another rule changed by ICC stated that if the batsman crosses each while a catch is taken. The new incoming batsman will be at the non-striker’s end.
  • Moreover, the time limit for a batsman to come and play on the pitch was also reduced. Now the batsman will have only 2 minutes to come during a Test and ODI match. Whereas, the time limit for T-20 is the same as before i.e. 90 seconds.

ICC stated that these changes will be considered from 1st October onwards.

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