McDonald’s is ready to use local beef in Pakistan

The multinational food chain is ready to experiment with its meat supplies. McDonald’s is all set to use local beef instead of importing it due to cost expenses. Al-Shaheer corporation is in consideration to fulfill the restaurant’s daily demand.

Mcdonald’s is the most famous fast food chain in the world. Its franchises are all across the globe and have a vast number of loyal customers. The secret to their success is not compromising on quality and consistent taste of food. Kids of the 90s and even Gen Z are obsessed with their classic fries and kids’ meal that came along with a toy. In Pakistan, McDonald’s is the most loved and profitable restaurant that you can find in any corner of the country.

Looking at the increase in the cost prices, the management of the chain decides to get their meat from local vendors in Pakistan. Earlier they used to import meat, potatoes, fries, and other condiments from the USA.

In 2010, Al-Shaheer Foods entered the domestic fresh meat market laying the foundation for the first ever red meat brand in Pakistan Meat One. A second brand, Khaas, an economy brand targeting neighborhood butcheries launched in 2014. Moreover, Some of its export destinations include Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. Locally, it is primarily present in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

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Al-Shaheer Corporation Limited (#ASC), on Tuesday, announced that it has become the first local company to sign a business relationship agreement with McDonald’s Pakistan for the supply of beef products. “It is our great pleasure to announce that ASC is the first-ever Pakistani company to enter into a business relationship agreement with McDonald’s Pakistan for the supply of beef products,”. He said in the PSX notice.

With the entry of local vendor, the taste would be same or it will be compromised. Only Time will tell. So keep “I’m loving it”.

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