Paracetamol stopped production of Panadol in Pakistan

The generic tablet Panadol is facing a massive shortage in the Pakistani Market. Due to the sudden dengue and covid outbreak, people are looking for the best alternative these days. The company stopped production of the tablet due to the ineffectiveness of cost.

Panadol is the most generic tablet every household has for pain relief and fever. But recently the Pakistani market is seeing a massive shortage of this tablet. In this weather, the level of dengue fever and Covid is skyrocketing, To cure that Panadol is a must-have. But people couldn’t find the medicine due to no production at the company’s end.

This tablet is manufactured by GSK company which is the oldest pharmaceutical company in Pakistan. According to them, they produce around 450 million Panadol tablets each year. Recently they send the summary to increase the price of tablets to RS. 2.47 per tablet because of an increase in cost and demand. But the government refused the petition and reduce the rate by RS. 1.35 per tablet. After the decision, the company find it no longer cost-effective and stopped production.

Until the refute between the company and government ends, we need a better alternative to Panadol. Here are the few alternative that you can use to cure fever and pain. Some of them are quite expensive but they do the job decently.

Here is the list of alternatives to Panadol’s pediatric dosage in Pakistan.

The country is facing a disastrous flood situation right now. With dengue and covid the situation is getting out of hand. The government needs to take action as soon as possible. But according to government officials, there is no shortage anywhere in the country. It seems the problem is not going to resolve any sooner.

People are finding better and cheap alternatives all over the market. We discussed almost all the alternatives in this article. If you find a life saving tablet anywhere, try to spread the word among needy as well.

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