Government asked for donation to help flood victims

Various parts of Pakistan devastated by the unprecedented rains and floods. There have been huge losses of life, property, infrastructure, livestock, and livelihoods in Pakistan, so the government has declared a state of emergency. More than 33 million people affected by floods with the loss of 1000 lives. Pakistan’s national and civil organizations, as well as humanitarian organizations, have stepped up to help flood victims.

Donors for flood victims

To accept donations and contributions from both home and abroad, the Government of Pakistan has established the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2022. For the collection of donations/contributions by Overseas Pakistanis, the State Bank of Pakistan has developed the following guidelines for commercial and micro-finance banks.

Overseas Donors of flood victims

A wire transfer can be use by overseas donors, to donate to Fund in their bank account. In this case, they would simply instruct their respective banks to debit their accounts in order to transfer the donation amount into the Fund Account. 

Overseas donors may also donate / contribute through Money Service Bureaus, Money Transfer Operators, and Exchange Houses in line with arrangements for receiving home remittances. SBP receives such remittances and transfers them to banks.

Domestic Donors of flood victims

Cash Deposits at Banks’ Counters: at any branch of any bank operating in Pakistan, which transfers the amount of such donations to the Fund account at SBP. SBP Banking Services Corporation also accepts donations at its field offices.

Donors may drop crossed checks in the name of the Fund into their respective bank’s drop boxes to make donations. Customers’ accounts are debited and the money is transferred to SBP.

Alternative delivery channels

You can also donate to the Fund account through Inter-Bank Fund Transfer Facility (IBFT)/Raast via internet banking, mobile banking, ATM’s, and mobile wallets. 

Through their Roshan Samaji Khidmat page/portal, commercial banks that offer Roshan Digital Accounts (RDAs) enable RDA holders to make contributions to the PM Flood Relief Fund hassle-free. SBP will receive donations through RDA.

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