Gaza trauma continues to be ignored by the world

Gaza besieged citizens have been subjected to yet another devastating, deadly Israeli attack, but the world ignores the trauma it continues to endure. A chilling operation called Truthful Dawn was carried out this week by the Israeli regime against the Gaza Strip, which is besieged. 

At least 44 Palestinians, including 15 children, were killed and hundreds were injured during the three-day bombardment.

The coastal strip has suffered 15 years of crippling siege, but if that were not enough, it has been subjected to horrific “operations” year after year in which thousands of people have been killed, hundreds of thousands have been injured, and essential infrastructure has been totally destroyed for 15 years.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

According to Israeli officials, Israel’s airstrikes began Friday afternoon as a response to Israeli forces detaining a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the occupied West Bank earlier that week. As a result of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad responded by firing retaliatory rockets at Israel. 

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It is no secret that innocent children and their families have been caught up in the vicious circle of violence for the longest time they can remember. According to Hansen, many Gazans are still dealing with the effects of last year’s eleven-day conflict, both psychologically and physically.

There has been a closure of the civilian crossing at Erez in the Gaza Strip as well as the commercial crossing at Kerem Shalom in the Gaza Strip on Friday, 2 August, preventing the entry and exit of people and goods, including fuel, required by Gaza’s sole power plant, which was forced to shut down on Saturday.

 It is expected that there will only be four hours of electricity available in Gaza each day. In order to allow fuel and other supplies to flow into Gaza, the NRC is calling on Israel to open the borders immediately. 

“Instead of addressing the root causes of the conflict – including lifting Israel’s 15-year blockade of Gaza and ending its occupation of the Palestinians – the repeated cycles of violence only entrench the conflict further,” said Hansen.

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