First Pakistani made electric car is launched

Dice foundation and the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology collaborated to make Pakistan’s first electric car. It is named Nur-E 75 and is expected to be fully equipped for all types of use. Production will be started in late 2024 and the price will be around 4 million approx.

Yesterday was Pakistan’s 75th birthday and on this diamond jubilee, people get a grand gift in the automobile industry. DICE Foundation, a US-based non-profit organization run by expatriate Pakistanis in the US, EU, etc. along with support from local academia and industry made a prototype of the first electric cars in Pakistan. Meanwhile, The name of the car is Nur-E-75 (named after Noor). The company which manufactured the car is named as JaXari (named after a scientist from the 12th century, Ismail al-Jazari).

Salient features of EV Prototype

  • 5 Seater, 5 Door Hatchback
  • Peak Power: 107 hp (80 KW)
  • Peak Torque: 200 Nm
  • Range: 210 km+ with AC on (actual range still to be tested)
  • Battery size: 35 KwHr
  • Wheel/Tire Size – R16 205 / 55
  • Charging time
    Slow charging – 7 to 8 hr (from regular 220V outlet)
    Fast charging – 2 hr (from fast DC chargers, still to be tested)

This indeed is a great gift by the DICE foundation for the people of Pakistan on Independence Day. Meanwhile, It is a great sign that the local market is preparing for indigenous EVs. The current auto policy of Pakistan has largely focused on Electric Vehicles (EVs) as the government believes that EV is the future of automobile industry. Moreover, We hope that more players will enter this sector, both global and domestic. Let us hope for a great future of locally-assembled Electric Cars in Pakistan.

The bookings of this car will start in late 2024, after that general public can buy it. Right now they need around $35000 to $40000 for further research and development of the cars. However, It is expected that the price of this electric car would be around 4 Million per car. Is this gift a futuristic revolution or just a bubble of excitement, only time will tell.

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