Adidas launches the first RPT-02 Solar-Powered Headphones

Adidas has introduced the solar powered Headphones with infinity battery life.

Adidas is about to release its first solar-powered Headphones with unlimited hours of playback time. A continuation of the RPT-02 can be charged in sunlight and even artificial light

According to Adidas, this new audio device offers up to 80 hours of playback time which doesn’t matches with any headphones ever made. Adidas solar-powered wireless headphones pack a 45mm dynamic driver and included Bluetooth v5.2 for connectivity. The device rated IPX4 for sweat and water resistance.

However, Adidas claims that it is impossible for everyone to completely drain the RPT-02’s battery because they can change themselves in artificial light and you don’t need to turn them off to charge them. If you are walking or you are at the gym where there’s bright lighting, they’ll start charging themselves even while you’re listening to music.

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Powerfoyle Technology

(Technology that converts natural or artificial light into electricity).

Powerfoyle technology is used in RPT-02 headphones. This technology made by the Sweden green-energy products manufacturing company Exeger. Exeger’s powerfoyle technology uses a thin plastic film that essentially converts light to keep batteries always charged. Exeger makes Nano cells that can convert natural or artificial light into electricity.

Last year, they collaborate with an audio product manufacturing company, Urbanista, to make wireless and solar-powered headphones that did not respond well due to poor marketing and high cost. This new product has a higher chance of success because Exeger, along with Adidas, knows what they are doing


The RPT-02 isn’t waterproof but has an IPX4 rating so it can handle sweet and splashes from the nearby ocean or lake. The headphones feature built-in controls for changing songs or volume, and there’s also an indicator to help find the best light for charging. And if all else fails, it includes a USB-c port.

Release and price

The RPT-02 will price at $229 (approx. PKR50000) will be available for online purchase on August 23. If the product performs well on the online store, retail supply may delayed further.

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