HEC warn students to get admit in Clinical Applications Degrees

Higher Education Commission (HEC) strictly warned all public and private sector universities not to offer degree program at undergraduate level involving clinical applications without getting permission from the HEC.

The notice is of much needed concern for parents and students as well. HEC issue notice in this regard and announce that HEC will not verify degrees that are not recognize by HEC. Moreover, HEC advised parents and students not to apply in any degree institute that isn’t recognized with Higher Education Commission.

“HEC has noted with grave concern that some universities without consultation of relevant professional bodies and HEC have launched diplomas and degree programs in disciplines involving clinical applications including but not limited to dermatology, dermal sciences, aesthetics, cosmetology, radiology, ophthalmology, anesthesia, cardiology, hemodialysis, and neuro-physiology etc at the undergraduate level.” Said the commission in its statement.

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To save career of students and employment prospects, HEC shows its deep concern and strictly ordered all universities not to get students career ruin and stop all on-going admissions in this regard. All universities should wait for the approval from Higher Education Commission.

Furthermore, HEC revised title of program, ‘Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery’ and changed it to ‘Bachelor of Eastern Medicine (BEMS)’. Senate Standing Committee highlighted the issue on National Health Services Regulations and Coordination (NHSRC) . They took the decision and decided to remove the term ‘Surgery’ to avoid any misconception.

Universities who need grant permission to launch the program for clinical applications required to meet the eligibility criteria of the program, objectives and learning outcomes, detail of faculty, clinical prospects of practice after graduation imposed by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Universities offering degrees in violation of this this advisory will not be verified by HEC.

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