FIFA World Cup 2022 Footballs made in Pakistan

Once again, Pakistan Footballs will be used in the FIFA world cup 2022. The sports capital Sialkot is recording its name in making history. The Tournament will start in winter this year.

FIFA World Cup 2022 is around the corner. Fans are waiting anxiously for a lot of high-voltage matches and rivalries. In this chaos and festivities, a piece of pleasant news came for Pakistan as a nation. Football that will use in the complete tournament is made in Pakistan. Pakistan with the collaboration of China is manufacturing these footballs in the factories of Sialkot. Moreover, the Land of the eagle is already known as the sports capital of the region. They export high-quality goods all over the world.

“We have once again been chosen to supply soccer balls for the World Cup, which is an honor for us and a testimony of the quality we have maintained,” said Khawaja Masood Akhtar, the chairman of forward Sports, a contracting manufacturer of global sports brand Adidas.

Named “Al-Rihla,” Arabic for “The Journey,” the official match ball for the FIFA World Cup 2022 came in March by Adidas in Doha. Forward Sports, also makes footballs for the German Bundesliga, the French league, and the Champions League. Moreover was also the official football provider of the 2014 and 2018 World Cups in Brazil and Russia.

Around 3000 footballs are manufactured to fulfill the requirement of the world cup. However, This time footballs are machine-made and glued. Despite the old times when they were made by hand. “We have made some changes in (the design of) footballs this time, keeping Qatar’s culture, environment, architecture, and flag in mind,” Akhtar said.

“And it will be environment-friendly,” he said, adding that for the first time. Only water-based inks and glues have been used in the making of the footballs. Pakistan makes $1 billion a year by exporting sports goods. Furthermore, of which $350 million to $500 million come from footballs alone.

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