Kanye West faces legal action due to Jefferson’s track

Kanye West allegedly used part of Jefferson’s song at least 22 times on his track Flowers. Kanye West was sued on Wednesday for allegedly illegally copying Marshall Jefferson’s 1986 smash ‘Move Your Body’ on Donda 2.

West sued on Wednesday for allegedly using Jefferson’s track without permission. Kanye used track of Jefferson from 1986. The title of Jefferson’s song was ‘Move your body.’ 45-year-old rapper, producer, and entrepreneur used part of Jefferson’s song at least 22 times on his track Flowers.

The rapper just changed his official name to Ye. As he is also a producer he produce Donda 2 in February exclusively through his Stem Player. Ultra International Music Publishing has taken legal action against a rapper. They have filed the complaint. UIMP filed a complaint in the district court of New York. It all happened on Wednesday.

Jefferson is from Kanye’s hometown of Chicago and just played at Glastonbury. Trax Records published his single Move Your Body in 1986. It climbed to No. 34 on Billboard’s Dance Singles Sales list. Marshall seems disappointing while reacting to this use of Kanye without acknowledgment and permission.

Kanye West

Marshall Jafferson Reaction

Jafferson seems so disappointing while giving a reaction to the mistake of Kanye. However, he expressed sympathy for the rapper but also exclaims the bitterness of the mistake Kanye did. He has explained his side. As per Jafferson, he has been sampled thousands of times. According to him, there are 2 ways to do everything. However, Marshall suggested Kanye should go the right way.

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“I’ve been sampled thousands of times. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about it,”

“Getting done by another artist, a black artist, a fellow Chicagoan without acknowledgment is disappointing.”

According to the lawsuit, Kanye and his crew met with Jefferson’s representatives. They acknowledged sampling Move Your Body in Flowers. However, it alleges that the rapper did not get a license, which would have meant that Jefferson was compensated for utilizing his material.

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