Dua Zahra’ Father Withdrawn Petition Against SHC’s Ruling

Mehdi Kazmi, Father of Dua Zahra, has withdrawn his petition against SHC on Thursday. The petition was filed against the decision of the Sindh High Court that allowed Mehdi Kazmi’s daughter (Dua Zahra) to decide her fate.

ISLAMABAD: Following her strange disappearance from Karachi in April, Zahra gathered national attention. She later claimed that she had fled her home to wed Zaheer Ahmed. After that 21 years old, Zaheer, who she had met while on the run from her family shared pictures of their marriage. Dua later sent a video message to the media to stop finding us as I am 18 years old and I am taking these decisions on my own.

Mehdi Kazmi, the Father of Dua, still didn’t stop looking for her. He claimed that her daughter is forced and she is not 18 years old. She is a minor. After all of this dilemma, Dua and her husband Zaheer has filed a petition in Sindh High Court.

The girl was permitted to remain with whoever she chose to be with, the court said in its written judgment. The court’s decision states, “She is completely free.”

Kazmi Filed Petition against SHC’s Verdict

In the petition, the father of Dua Zehra expressed his opinion that the SHC’s decision was flawed or incorrect. The decision was made public based on his daughter’s statement and the results of the medical examination.

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He continued: “According to the National Advanced Database Registration Authority (NADRA) record and her educational credentials, the medical report stated that Dua is 17 years old, while his daughter is 14 years old.” Based on this, Mehdi Kazmi filed a petition against SHC’s verdict.

On June 23, Thursday, this case took a turn. Mehdi Kazmi, father of Dua Zahra withdrew the petition against SHC. It left everyone shocked. The Dua Zahra case was finally resolved by the Supreme Court’s Karachi registry. The father’s attorney asked to withdraw the appeal against the decision of the Sindh High Court in the case involving the teenager’s recovery.

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