Rebel Wilson is in trouble along with her Disney Princess

A recent post of Rebel Wilson opens a lot of arguments in the industry. She being a homosexual creates controversy in so many manners. It’s not the first time Rebel makes a slot in news like this.

On Friday Rebel Wilson posted a picture on her Instagram handle. In that picture, she is with her alleged partner along with a catchy caption. It’s 2022, so coming out as a homosexual is not a big issue these days. But according to the actress, an Australian magazine put her in a situation where she felt a lot of pressure for coming out. She is in a relationship with fashion designer Ramona Agruma.

Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald posted an article about how an actress agrees to confess to dating a woman. Magazine also claims that they got to know first about her sexuality. Since Rebel only dated men before, this news was huge for their magazine.

The actress claims that the magazine has given her two days’ notice for Coming Out. After her story magazine feels like the actress has Gazumped them. Its a British slang that describes the act of famous personalities revealing the reality on their own rather than any third-party medium.

After the accusations, the magazine denied all the situation and called their interview Simply asking questions. They even wrote an article that says if she was dating men, questions would be the same. On Monday they removed the article and apologized to the actress publicly. The statement “was never intended to be a threat” to reveal her sexuality. Moreover, Magazine also admitted that they had mishandled the steps while handling the situation.

Actress’s sentiments

In her first comments on the controversy, Wilson responded on Sunday to a journalist on Twitter who criticized the Herald´s approach. “It was a very hard situation but trying to handle it with grace,” Wilson tweeted.

This was not the first time Wilson has sparred with the Australian media in 2017, she was awarded a record AUS$4.7 million ($3.3 million) defamation payout over a series of articles that claimed she had lied about her name, age, and childhood to get ahead in Hollywood.

After the magazine publisher successfully appealed, Wilson´s award was revised to A$600,000.

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