Spain is all set to create a history in Europe

Spain is in decision point where they are considering to accommodate menstruating women. If they pass the bill for three days paid periods leave. They would be the first country in Europe to take this historic step.

World is evolving so fast. They are progressing in the right direction. Latest example is a bill presented in Spanish assembly. They are considering a fully paid three days leaves for menstruating women. Other than that they are thinking about removing VAT on women hygienic products like pads, tampons etc. as well. If they pass this bill in near future, Spain would be the first European country to take this step so far. Along with that all the schools and educational institutes are advised to provide pads and educate about periods to young girls.

According to the Spanish Genecology and Obstetrics Society. About a third of menstrual women experience severe abdominal discomfort, headaches, diarrhea, and fever during their period. In the work place it is more difficult to handle such condition and productive at the same time. To cater this condition Spanish authorities are about to take this historic step.

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The activist and Secretary of State of Equality Ángela Rodríguez proposed this idea to allow women to have some off days. “It’s obvious that we shouldn’t normalize working when we’re in pain. Yet, woman have spent years doing so. Time off due to period pain should be a recognized right.” Rodriguez said. “It is important to clarify what a painful period is. We are not talking about a slight discomfort, but about serious symptoms such as diarrhea, severe headaches, fever.”

Worldwide, menstrual leave is currently offered only in a small number of countries including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea and Zambia. Whereas, some parts of USA also offers unpaid leaves to women as well. However, this practice become an obsolete after some time in each country. If the bill passed, we will know the consequences in near future as well.

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