Istanbul kidnapping leads to tightening of Turkey visa policy for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: An Istanbul-based station reported Thursday that Turkey has decided to tighten its visa policy for Pakistan nationals. Just a few days after some of them were found to be involved in an abduction of four Nepalese in Istanbul.

Throughout Turkey, a significant number of Pakistan nationals live and work in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and other major cities. In addition to Pakistani citizens, hundreds of Pakistanis also visit the transcontinental country for tourism on a regular basis.

As a result of reported crimes involving Pakistan nationals, the Turkey government tightened visa policy. “The government also stopped issuing temporary residence permits to Pakistanis.”

Many Pakistanis arrested earlier this month for staging a protest against the ouster of the former prime minister. Without permission from the local authorities in Turkey.

Their release later achieved through the involvement of Pakistani diplomats who worked with the Turkish authorities.

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There was a warning from the Pakistani mission in Turkey to the local community not to protest. Or they would pay a price for their action.

Unfortunately, the Turkish police received a tip-off about the ransom plan and subsequently raided the house, which resulted in the ransom plan failing. The Turkish police arrested six people at the site where the ransom plan failed. As well as knives and pistols, the accused also found to be in possession of knives and pistols; everything was taken into custody.

In an additional incident, several young Pakistani men took to the streets in Istanbul in protest of the impending collapse of Imran Khan’s government. Turkish law prohibits any and all forms of protest activity. And anyone found to be engaged in such activities will be punished severely. The protesters from Pakistan were therefore taken into custody by the police.

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