Samsung apologizes for its ‘tone deaf’ commercial

Recently, Samsung apologizes for an ad showing a woman getting up at 02:00 to go for a run through a city alone.

As part of its Samsung Galaxy Night Owls campaign. The technology firm released an advertisement showing a woman running alone in a city alone at 2 am. As a way to highlight the company’s fitness bands and app.

There has been criticism for the ad from women’s running groups and safety activists for not being realistic.”.

In a recent interview, Samsung told Radio 1 Newsbeat that it never intended to “be insensitive to ongoing conversations about women’s safety.”

According to a UK radio station, samsung apologizes for not being “sensitive to ongoing conversations about women’s safety.” 

Ashling Murphy

In January, Ashling Murphy, who was killed while out for a run in Ireland, was particularly outraged by the advertisement.

In the aftermath of her death, #shewasonarun trended on social media, with women sharing their stories of being harassed while running.

We apologize for how this may have been perceived with a heavy heart. In addition, the campaign designed to convey a positive message: Individuality and the freedom to exercise at any time.

According to the news, Women’s Running magazine’s editor, Esther Newman, said the advert was “not representing the truth”.

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During that time, women do not run because we are too scared,” she said.

Newman told a media house that wearing headphones is a contentious issue. I know many female runners who do not wear headphones, and they keep them on during the day because they are concerned about their safety.”

Moreover, In response to criticism on social media, Samsung said. “We can assure you that this advertisement aims to empower Galaxy users/viewers to achieve their health and wellness goals.”

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