Wajahat Rauf is all set to host Metaverse event

Everyone’s favorite comedian Wajahat Rauf is all set to enter into a new venture. Wajahat Rauf the renowned director is going to host a metaverse event. It will change the face of TV and the economy of the country.

Wajahat Rauf is a household name in the TV industry of Pakistan. He is the first successful director, producer, screenwriter, and musician who is approached by Netflix for his quality content. His films like Karachi Se Lahore, Lahore Se Aagey, and Chhalawa are commercial hits all over the country. These days his show The Voice Over Man is catching everyone’s attention because of its quality and humorous content. Moreover, His two movies are going to be released this year, Dum Mustam and Parday Mein Rehnay Do. Whereas, he is about to host a metaverse event now.

Now another feather is about to embrace his crown soon. Along with other projects, Wajahat Rauf is about to host an event in the metaverse. Author Eric Ravenscraft defines it as, “Mentally replace the phrase “the metaverse” in a sentence with “cyberspace”. It is a huge network of virtual spaces where people interact in augmented reality. It is built around the concept of computer-generated 3D simulations. The growing demand for digital currency, digital arts, and digital spaces is a strong indicator of great opportunities for investors.

Rauf’s all achievements

Rauf is a very successful TV personality. Starting in 2011 he has produced up to 25 drama serials so far. All movies hit and famous among the audience. He is living a happy domestic life with his loving wife and a very talented son Ashir Wajahat. Ashir is also a rising talented singer and actor as well. With this hosting, he will reach new horizons of fame and success.

He is also launching his own NFTs. The deal is done with the collaboration of a US-based company. He announced that he will connect with his fans at the premiere of his upcoming film. He even shares the link for the launch date and tickets. However, His humbleness and gratitude are the things that are helping him achieve his goals.

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