Rashid Rana the Pakistani Artist shines at international level

Rashid Rana, Sitara e Imtiaz holder artist bags another feather in his crown. He won the best exterior expo design award in Dubai. He is definitely turning architecture into art.

Rashid Rana

Dubai Expo started on October 1, 2020, and it will end on Mar 31, 2022. In this exhibition where 192 countries participate and show their country’s unique art and culture. Undoubtedly the Dubai expo puts a mark on the world. Meanwhile, the world is showcasing its culture and traditions, Pakistan pavillion won everyone’s heart by showing fine art. Rashid Rana, the artist who won many awards in fine arts designs Pakistan’s pavilion for the expo. His design won the Best Exterior Expo Design Award in all the countries. His motto is transforming architecture into art. And his work is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

Rashid shows all the colors and ethnicities through unique glasswork and alluring designs. Despite all the cultural and traditional art shown inside the pavilion. The exterior was itself an art and eye-catching. “Pakistan is one of the most diverse regions on the planet; geographically, climatically, culturally, racially, and ethnically,” says Rashid Rana, an artist that used his skills to allure the image of Pakistan Internationally. Moreover, he wanted to show the Unity in All aspect to show positive image of Pakistan.

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“It will offer visitors a multiplicity of views as they walk around the pavilion,” explains Rana. All the glasswork and design are so intricate and unique that you cannot ignore them at first sight. Along with that all the colors and shades show different seasons and ethnicities that Pakistan prevails. “Visitors will experience an abstract interpretation of our landscape and see their reflection on its surface.”

Peak in Rashid Rana’s career

An artist who was born in 1968 in the cultural city of Lahore. He was very unique and elegant with his artwork. He has done numerous exhibitions all over the world. His work is nonconventional and that shows the different approaches to his projects. However, his most acknowledged work is over glass and illusions. He mediates between artist, curator and an educator with a common thread of an unfixed and non-prescriptive view of geography and identity.

Amongst his various international accolades, he has also received the Game Changer Asia Art Award by the Asia Society in 2017. He was awarded International Artist of the Year by SAVAC Canada in 2003. Rashid Rana also conferred Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2021, which is amongst the highest civilian awards in Pakistan. He is also an educator who is determined to teach a student something out of the box and eye-catching. His idea of art and the implementation of visuals is one of the most beautiful things you can witness.

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