CM Punjab Usman Buzdar Changed Overnight

U Buzdar
Former CM Punjab

Prime Minister Imran Khan played his ‘trump card’ of CM Punjab post,minutes after the joint opposition of the National Assembly adopted a motion of no-confidence against him by winning from PML-Q leader Chaudhry Parvez Elahi the coveted chief ministership in Punjab.

In addition to protecting his party’s rule in Punjab from its arch-rivals, the PML-N and PPP. This single offer also enabled PM Khan to empower the PML-Q to cooperate with other allied parties. Along disgruntled MNAs in order to save Imran Khan in the National Assembly.

Earlier today, the ruling PTI appeared to be losing the political fight. On Sunday, Prime Minister Khan concluded a long speech at the Parade Ground. Alleging hatching of an international conspiracy against the government, as well as foreign funding used against some elements within Pakistan.

Usman Buzdar’s surprise decision to step aside as chief minister in time for voting on the no-confidence motion against the premier, viewed as the right move by the PM. The PM protected him through thick and thin and called him ‘Wasim Akram Plus’ – as the clock ticked down to the no-confidence vote. PM Khan however has little time to manoeuvre and maintain his position. Since this ‘trump card’ has been revealed quite late.

According to a senior PTI leader,CM Punjab Buzdar’s resignation arrives a little too late. Because Parvez Elahi, Mr Khan’s new confidant, has had little time to campaign and persuade. Both the PTI’s disgruntled elements and parties that publicly disassociated with the ruling coalition.

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Why Parvez Elahi?

“Parvez Elahi certainly has the skill and guts to convince and persuade more than the required disgruntled MNAs into the ruling coalition fold if Mr Khan made this smart move some two weeks ago,” said Khan.

The Prime Minister is banking on Elahi’s nomination to help him defeat the opposition on the D-Day of the no-confidence motion Expected on April 4. As he has just seven days left before the final vote counts in the National Assembly against him. In order to meet the MQM-P leaders at Parliament Lodges, Mr Elahi immediately led a high-powered delegation.

Political observers believe Mr Elahi will have a hard time saving Imran Khan in the current environment, but he will gain a large chunk of Punjab for himself and be able to win a big slice of the pie in the next general election.

Mr. Elahi already enjoys strong relations with several MPAs, including those from the PML-N, PTI. The Tareen group – to protect his position in Punjab. The chief minister seems unconcerned about his election as he knows he will have the support of more MPs than required. Just as he did when he was elected assembly speaker.

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