Fly Jinnah Airline: Ray of hope for low-budget travelers

Low-cost, Fly Jinnah Airline, will offer dependable types of assistance. Will this be helpful for the economy of Pakistan?

Pakistan’s new low-cost carrier has revealed its brand identity on Wednesday. Its brand name abbreviation is “FJ”. It has vibrant red color in the logo. It shows the young and modern spirit of the airline. Whereas, the logo and brand identity consists of its unique font and round shape. The symbol represents motion and continuity. Fly Jinnah can definitely make its name in market for its budget-friendly offers.

The values of this brand are Ambition. The ambition of offering customers true value and connecting communities across the globe. With sincerity, honesty, and willingness to achieve and grow while striving to improve, Pakistan has launched Fly Jinnah Airline on Wednesday with the cooperation of Air Arabia Group.

Incorporation of Low-Cost Fly Jinnah Airline

‘Fly Jinnah’, incorporated in Pakistan. Pakistani citizens owned the majority of its entity. They are also sponsors of Pakistan’s leading and most diversified business conglomerate, the Lakson Group. It is the 4th private national airline of Pakistan. It will play an important role in the economy. Jobs and new opportunities will be open for the people who deserve them. However, it will take some time some time to reach its maximum growth. But, in the end, it will surely be a good asset for the country.

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Iqbal Ali Lakhani, Chairman of Fly Jinnah, said: “The reveal of ‘Fly Jinnah’s’ visual identity was chosen carefully to reflect the evolution and progression of aviation needs in Pakistan.”

As much as it will help the Aviation industry in the country. It will also contribute to the country’s infrastructure. As Pakistan is one of the best countries for tourism. It will also help to raise the GDP of Pakistan.

Lakhani further said, “Fly Jinnah’’ will not only serve Pakistan’s aviation industry, but it also aims to contribute to the country’s infrastructure, tourism, business travel, and the creation of new jobs. Fly Jinnah will be a catalyst to the country’s economic growth,”

We are proud to have Air Arabia Group, the Middle East and North Africa’s first and largest low-cost carrier (LCC) operator, as our minority partners in this venture. And are confident of the quality of services that our customers will receive,” he added.

According to the chairman of the Airline, Fly Jinnah is in the process of obtaining its local Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). When it will be completed, it will allow the Airline to Operate flights.

Reviews of Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan

Imran Khan has warmly welcomed the Air Arabia group. He also wishes them success with the partnership of Local investors and to launch the Low-cost airline, Fly Jinnah. He also talks about the immense opportunities it will produce.

Chairman of Airline, Lakhani said, "We are excited to provide increased frequencies on domestic services and create more direct flight services between Pakistani cities and the world. ‘Fly Jinnah,’ as a private Pakistani airline, is established to fulfill this purpose while realizing the potential that currently exists in developing Pakistan’s air transport sector.” 

In short, ‘Fly Jinnah’ is a Pakistani private joint venture low-cost airline. It is based in Karachi. It will help Pakistan’s Economy. Fly Jinnah follows the successful low-cost business model. It is operated by Air Arabia Group. It will focus on offering comfort, trustworthiness, and value-for-money air travel.

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