Pakistan to host Asian taekwondo in November 2022

Pakistanis actively participate in amateur and professional sporting activities. Athletes from Pakistan have participated in the Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, etc., and won medals. There has been a tremendous increase in sporting activities in the country. Recently, Due to a growing media focus on sports. Although Pakistan has an abundance of young talent. It still needs to upgrade its facilities and training to hone it.

 Pakistan is a sports-loving nation, and sports are an important part of Pakistani culture. Yet, this love goes beyond sports. Several games are very popular in Pakistan, like; Cricket, Hockey, Polo, and Squash. Traditional sports such as kabaddi and other popular sports in Pakistan.

In 2022, Pakistan will host the fourth Asian Taekwondo Championship. In November 2022, Pakistan will host the Asian championship over four days at Syed Ali Sports Complex in Islamabad. Previously, the event was going to take place in Chinese Taipei from November 16 to 25, 2021, but they backed out.

They conducted an e-vote to determine the new host per ATU rules. Voting was open between December 29, 2021, and January 6, 2022. This event will feature top athletes from around the world, both male and female.

According to Waseem, such events will enhance the skills of the federations and the professional development of Pakistan’s athletes. The federation will hold the event properly. PDF will deliver the warmest and friendliest 4th Asian Open International Taekwondo Championship with sincere spirit and genuine warmth. This first mega event has been awarded to Pakistan Taekwondo to recognize the nation’s dedication, persistence, and remarkable performance on the field by its athletes and officials.

Sports boots economy:

A country’s socioeconomic development is heavily influenced by sport these days. Sports participation improves community health and productivity, reduces medical costs, generates great leaders, and enhances social cohesion. In addition to developing infrastructure, creating jobs, and attracting foreign capital, mega sporting events generate players and athletes and thus contribute significantly to economic development. Sport has a multidimensional impact on the economy and society, so it has a multidimensional impact on the economy and society. 

This figure represents 2% of global GDP, but only 0.5% in the Mediterranean region and Africa. Any sport revolves around the athlete. Therefore, there would be no competitions, no teams, and leagues without athletes. Sport can be developed into a new growth niche with investments in infrastructure. This will help to develop the industry while creating jobs.

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