Pac-man marks 40th Anniversary of the legendary arcade game

May 22, 2020, marks Pac-man’s 40th anniversary worldwide. An arcade game loved by every age group and gender. Even after 40 years it is one of the most played game worldwide.

Doodle by Google on its  anniversary
Doodle by Google on its anniversary

50 years ago it was a myth that a game can be popular to a worldwide extent. But few games made history and became a legend with time. One the example is Pac-Man arcade game. A dot eating game is super easy yet extremely addictive. Japan launched the game on 22nd May 1980 under the company name NAMKO. It was initially named as Puck-Man. It became popular overnight and surpasses the most played game Asteroids in months. The game was initially launched to target female gamers. But it became equally popular in kids, men or women. The USA launched its version in October 1980 and the first week around 100.000 copies were sold country-wide. Pac-man 40th anniversary was one of the memorable days for internet gamers.

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A Pac-Man arcade game. The object of the game is simple – Pac-Man must eat all the dots on a level’s board and avoid a team of hovering ghosts named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. If Pac-Man eats one of the board’s larger dots, the ghosts become edible and will be sent back to the middle of the board if Pac-Man eats them. With time the game gets better and they added more characters and features to it. It has a total of 256 levels and the last level is still unplayable.

Google paying tribute to legendary game

On Pac-man’s 30th anniversary, Google launched its first playable doodle on its homepage. Moreover, it was a huge success from a game point of view. Google has retained all its unique features and gameplay while reviving classic games, doing a great job. So, if you get bore in the seemingly endless neighborhoods, please visit the Pacman Doodle website and enjoy. Now, you can rediscover the fascinating 8-bit world through the Pacman Game Doodle version.

The maximum possible score, 3,333,360, was first hit by Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, Florida in 1999. Mitchell achieved the feat by eating every possible dot, energizer, fruit, and monster en route to level 256, scoring the maximum amount of points during the ‘kill screen’ and not losing a single life. Now that’s what we call dedication to Pac-Man. 

Classic Pac-man game
Classic Pac-man game

Pac-man 40th anniversary brought all the gamers under one umbrella. In May, Google Doodle released a variety of games, including Pac-Man, Hip-Hop, Halloween and Latoria, for social media users to play online. With the release of the popular Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Doodle in 2010, Google Doodle became famous in popular culture. 

Pac-man is still the most popular arcade game in the world. People of all ages and groups love it equally. This year Pac-man would be 42 years old, and the game is still aging like a fine wine. This year google launches a doodle, interactive game, or new version, it will reveal on 22nd May worldwide.

Pac-man arcade game
Pac-man arcade game

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