Shift of Karachi’s weather making everyone relive winters

Rainy clouds in Karachi brought cold winds as well as pleasant weather again, making Karachiites enjoy winters .

Monday 27th December, filled with rainy clouds and pleasant air. Rain in Karachi forcing everyone to take out their rain coats and umbrellas. Karachiites surely enjoyed these rainy beautiful clouds to the fullest.

As the previously predicted by provincial disaster management authority (PDMA) Karachi will be receiving winter rainfall on 26th and 27th December, 2021. However 26th December was not such a rainy day but 27th December brought so much rain and cold winds.

Approximately whole of Karachi is enjoying these rainy clouds and cool winds. Drop in Karachi’s temperature is also noticed. Currently temperature of Karachi is 22 degree Celsius.

Reports by the Metrological Department suggest that highest rainfall of 5 mm occurred in Gulshan-e-Hadid and Qaidabad. Rainfall of 4.5 mm in areas Surjani Town and PAF Masroor Base. After these come Kemari with 4.0 mm, University road 3.8 mm and airport 3.4 mm.

Suggestion of National Highway & Motorway Police (NHMP) to people during this spell of rain:

The National Highway & Motorway police (NHMP) at Motorway M9 suggests people to drive slowly and be safe, over speeding can cause accidents due to slippery roads, driver must have strong grip on steering, car wipers must be checked, distance must be maintained from the car in front, air pressure in tyres must be checked and incase of rain use low car lights.

Famous cricket legend Shahid Afridi also tweeted about the pleasant weather of Karachi, he suggested everyone to enjoy these rainy clouds at Karachi and even shared pictures of him while driving in this rainy weather with his daughter.

PMD official is also saying that these cold winds and weather would remain till 28th December 2021 and there are chances of temperature drop till 9 Degree Celsius. The spell of cold winds will remain till 5th January 2022.

Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) says the chance of rain today 28th December 2021 are low and it might not rain today but these cold winds will still remain in Karachi.

Continuing to this the Director of Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) says heavy spell of rainfall would enter Karachi in January 2022. “We expect a thick blanket of fog cleared by January 2022.”

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