Arrival of Omicron has cancelled up to 2000 flights

“We apologize to our costumers for the delay in their holiday travel plans” says United Airline after cancellation of flights due to Omicron

In November 2021 new variant of Covid-19 Omicron came in action and was all over world in just few weeks, even after special check of SOPs.

Everyone is strictly instructed to get vaccines done and apply boosters for safety, even after such measures spread of omicron didn’t stopped and is interrupting the vacation plan of several people.

However, Delta variant cancelled over 145 flights and now Omicron is cancelling up to 2000 flights. “We apologize to our costumers for the delay in their holiday travel plans” the company said.

Around 10+ Alaskan flights are cancelled as employees were exposed to covid-19 and needed a self quarantine period.

In Christmas season 2021 many people are unable to celebrate Christmas at desired location or with loved ones due to flight cancellation at last moment.

Approximately 145 flights cancelled this Friday, said Delta Air Lines. “The nationwide spread of omicron cases has directly impacted flights crew and people who run our operation” said United Airlines.

The ban on travel would begin from 31st December 2021 in United States from eight southern African nation. Holiday travel plans in Thailand is also disturbed as it reports its 1st Omicron case.

This holiday season is destroyed due to spread of Covid-19 variants. Pakistan has also restricted the entrance of 7 countries which include 6 African countries. These countries are south Africa, Eswatini, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho and Hong Kong.

“The spread of new variant makes it more urgent to vaccinate citizen aging 12 and above” says Minister Asad Umar. Pakistan has total of 120 million vaccine of covid-19 and the number of fully vaccinated Pakistanis is just 50 million.


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