Sindh govt drafts ordinance to regularize illegal buildings

PM Imran Khan’s residence in Bani Gala and Bahria Town Karachi are regularized after imposing fines. Why there are different standards for ordinary citizens, said Sindh Information Minister ‘Saeed Ghani’

Sindh government on Wednesday drafted an ordinance to help people affected by orders of demolition of various buildings in Karachi. This list includes Nasla Towers and many other illegal constructions that have orders of demolition from the supreme court.

The ordinance aims at regularization of illegal buildings by imposing penalties and fines. This according to Sindh Government will be a better solution for Karachi, which contains numerous illegal constructions.

According to the drafted ordinance; seven-member commission will be formed to deal illegal construction matters. This seven member commission will decide upon regularization of illegally constructed buildings.

A former Supreme court judge will lead the seven member commission. Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah will choose other members of the commission.

The former supreme court judge would decide the penalties and conditions on illegally constructed buildings. Apart from placing penalties, the commission would also take action against officers who allowed for illegal construction on encroached land.

This Sindh Government has forwarded the drafted ordinance to regularize illegal buildings to Governor Imran Ismail. The Sindh government is now looking forward for the minister to approve the ordinance so its made a law.

An ordinance ‘introduced in the larger interest of the people’

Karachi Administrator ‘Barrister Murtaza Wahab’ while spoke in favor of the drafted ordinance saying its in the interest of people. The official while speaking to the media said that this proposed legislation is same as the one issued for illegal building regularization in Punjab last year.

Wahab in his address said that he hopes that the ordinance will not face opposition, since it is for the relief of people. He added that he has high hopes for the governor to follow the Chief Minister’s and Sindh cabinet’s advice and approve the ordinance.

Imran Khan’s residence and Bahria Town all regularized by imposing fines; Saeed Ghani

Sindh’s information minister Saeed Ghani on Monday spoke in favor of residents living in illegally constructed buildings. He said that the supreme court should let Sindh government regularize buildings made in violation of rules since demolishing them would affect the lives of normal people.

Ghani added that regularization of illegally constructed buildings is not new in Pakistan. He added that many illegal construction in different parts of the country get regularize.

Places such ‘Bani Gala’ and ‘Bahria Town’ all got regularized with fines, then “why there are different standards for ordinary citizens” questioned Ghani. “Steps such as demolishing buildings like Nasla Tower would render thousands jobless ” he added.

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