Increasing Pollution may lead to a lockdown in the Indian Capital

With cold weathers coming in, India’s capital New Delhi is experiencing extreme smog. The city’s pollution levels are around 20 times more than those deemed by WHO

The heart and capital of India ‘New Delhi’ since the last few days is experiencing a devastating pollution crisis. Delhi’s current air quality average is extremely Hazardous, with AQI (air quality index) of some areas reaching 1000. With winters coming in, the polluted air has mixed with fog, causing an alarming smog situation in the city.

This smog and decreased air quality has caused many to stay indoors, moreover schools and offices have imposed a work/study from home. The government in an effort to control the pollution is contemplating a full weekend lockdown in Delhi.

Smog has been a problem for Delhi since the last few years, this year however its much worse. The whole of Delhi’s sky since the last few days is covered in thick brown smoke. This cloud of brown smoke has caused stinging eyes, nausea, breathing difficulties and lethargy in people. Hospitals have also noticed an increase in the number of respiratory and heart patients in the past few weeks.

According to data, the pollution in Delhi is almost 20x higher than the levels recommended by World Health Organization. This extreme pollution is a result of many different factors, biggest of which is Delhi’s large population. Vehicle emissions, stubble burning, industries and construction industry are also contribute towards the pollution.

Schools, offices and public places that opened recently after the COVID 19 situation have once again closed down, To control the pollution, many high emission activities have been brought to a halt.

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