COP 26: Nations gathering to fight against Climate Change

Short for ‘Conference Of Parties’, the COP 26 is a meeting where nations will come together and discuss climate change. The conference will take place in Glasgow and is a big hope for a better climate on Earth.

GLASGOW – Increasing pollution and climate change over the last century has negatively affected the world. Climate experts predict that if pollution continues at the current rate, we might cause irreversible damage to the climate. Climatic damage upon reaching the point of irreversibility will largely decrease the quality of life on Earth. Humans now have a small time bracket to stop climate degradation from reaching irreversibility. Nations will now gather in the COP (Conference of Parties) 26 and plan ways to lower emissions and save the climate.

The COP is a series of meetings in which multiple countries come together and discuss solutions for climate change. Being held this year is the COP 26, which as the name suggests is the 26th meeting in the series. The COP 26 is taking place in Glasgow between 31 October to 12 November. The COP 26 conference is surely a big hope for a better climate on Earth.

Importance of COP 26

Up until now the most successful COP was held in Paris in 2015, this is because many countries in the meeting collectively reached a strong decision. The decision was to keep global warming levels below 2°C and preferably around 1.5°C. This was because a growth rate bigger than 1.5°C is harmful for the earth on many levels.

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While there was a notable improvement in greenhouse emissions, the goal however was not achieved. After around 6 years later, we are still lagging behind the desired goal of keeping the growth to 1.5°C. While global warming levels continue to stay high, the time to stop them from being irreversible is running out. Right now, humans have to cut about 50% of the current emissions to bring the growth down to 1.5°C.

It surely is important for countries to work together and help each cut emissions. The COP 26 is a big step towards this change, with it coming out to be a success, the Earth’s climate will continue to stay healthy and habitable for all species.


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