Hajj: pillar of Islam trembling by the wave of vicious pandemic

Seven steps of purifying soul and devouring acts of love and esteem. A burden on Muslim ummah or self actualization journey towards life. Hajj the most auspicious event for Muslims is right in the corner

Hajj is a annual occasion that occurs in the month of dhul hijjah which is 12th month in Islamic calendar. Millions and millions of Muslims gather from all over the world. Say their prayers and ask Allah to fulfill their wishes. This affair celebrated by all muslims and call the holy day as Eid ul Adha. This is the remembrance of the bravest act of prophet Ibrahim (A.S). He went to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail on the order of Allah Almighty. Whereas Allah accepted His oblation and swap a goat in the place of His son. After this incident this known as the holiest act for believers and it continued till now. Latest method of hajj taught by Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). And Muslims convene here to show their gratitude towards blessings of Allah.

Hajj has seven obligatory steps which thoroughly observed by pilgrims in order to complete the citation. It starts with circulating Ka’aba for seven times, then offering prayers in Arafat. Then a stay in Muzdalifah, leading to stoning the devil, run between Safa and Marwah to pay tribute to Hazrat Hajra’s act of love. Stoning devil for 3 days in Mina and last sacrifice a animal in the name of Allah and ask his forgiveness.

Government of Saudia Arabia is keen about the safety and health of pilgrims; they impose strict and effective rules in order to avoid any misfortune. Every year they try to provide more facilities to worshippers and in return they get huge revenue generated for their economy.

Fear of disease or shaking economic condition, It is not the same as 2019

In 2019 numbers of devotees are more than 24 lakhs. Despite Saudi government imposed a lot of taxes and stuff, people still wants to offer their rites and ask for amnesty from Allah. In 2020 picture has changed a lot, due to excessive cases of Corona and safety measures. This number reduced to only 10 thousand and a lot of Muslims left heartbroken due to this situation. That known as the costliest hajj in the history as it cost around 10 thousand Us Dollars for one person. In 2021, they have increased the number to 60 thousand and maybe a little slack in fee as well. They are careful enough for safety and allowing only those who gets the WHO approved vaccination Pfizer.

But one important question still prevails in the mind of many people. That whether the festivity of hajj will ever return? The biggest gathering of Muslims, the merriness and happiness will see the light again or not? May Allah forgives us and call us in His house to touch the holy wave of blessing in Ka’aba.


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