Gorakh Hill: The only place where it snows in Sindh

Located 5,866 feet above sea level, the Gorakh Hill is a part of the Kirthar Mountain range. The Hill delights its visitors with beautiful weather and even more beautiful views

After driving for about 94 Kilometers from Dadu city in Sindh arrives the mesmerizing Gorakh Hill Station. This Hill Station attracts a whole lot of visitors from all over Pakistan. Well, rightly so the place offers its visitors a whole different weather and atmosphere than all other places in Sindh. Visitors in Winters even get to experience light snowfall and chilly winds, making this the only place in Sindh that gets snowfall.

This Hill is said to wandered by a famed Hindu saint named Gorakhnath which is how people think Gorakh Hill got its name. The Gorakh Hill is often termed as the ‘Crown of Sindh‘. To reach to the top of this crown, visitors usually hire 4×4 vehicles that takes them on a 3 hour journey to the top of the hill. Once on the top, visitors usually stay in hotels and restrooms that are built on the top of the hill.

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At night time, the hill looks completely different, large groups of visitors bonfire together. Exciting musical nights, qawwalis also take place. The hills also offer its visitors an unbelievable star gazing experience that no other place in Sindh offers.

The amazing beauty and surreal experience that the Gorakh Hills offer surely makes it the perfect getaway destination for people that want to escape the city life for a day or two. Apart from being an amazing travel spot the Gorakh Hill serves another important purpose. The Gorakh Hill serves as an intersection between the Sindh and Balochistan province.


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