Supreme Court orders detonation of Nasla Tower Karachi

The decision to detonate the Nasla Tower is surely a sad one for the residents who called it home. Government however has ordered the owners to compensate the residents

Nasla Tower : A 15 story tower built near the most busiest and important road of Karachi
Nasla Tower : A 15 story tower built near the most busiest and important road of Karachi

On Monday 25th, The Supreme court of Pakistan, announced its final decision regarding the illegally built ‘Nasla Tower’. The 15 story tower built on Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi, has been in the spotlight since government first announced to demolish it. Ordered to demolish the high rise tower were given a few months back, however now with SC orders the tower will demolish within a week.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed gave the decision to demolish Nasla Tower within a week. Located on a service road, the Nasla Tower is on an illegally occupied place. Built on a prime location, the Nasla Tower soared in Value as soon as it started. Buyers which included the hardworking middle class invested their life savings into buying an apartment in Nasla Towers. Supreme Court decision to demolish the tower shocked the ones that invested their life savings for an apartment in the tower. People kept questioning about what would happen to their apartments.

Good news for the residents

The supreme court after announcing the decision to demolish Nasla Towers, announced a good news for the residents. SC ordered the owners of Nasla Towers to compensate the residents within three months time. The Chief Justice also appointed commissioner Karachi to ensure that the payments to residents are made.

Supreme Court also ruled that the demolishing process should be done with a controlled implosion. This means that they have to make sure no harm is provided to nearby buildings and roads. The residents have also recieved a legal notice to vacate the building by 27th October.

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