Pakistan clenches a marvelous victory against India

While the stats were in India’s favor, Pakistan outshined them in all aspects of batting, bowling and fielding. Pakistan after many years, broke the chain of losing to India in World Cup matches.

Virat Kohli and Babar Azam after the Pakistan vs India WTC20 match
Virat Kohli and Babar Azam after the Pakistan vs India WTC20 match

DUBAI, UNITED STATES OF ARAB EMIRATES – Pak vs Ind, Pakistan on Sunday, 24th October went onto win against India in a Super 12 match of T20 World Cup 2021. The match started off with Pakistan winning the toss and choosing to ball. The green team soon gained momentum and dominated India. An exceptional performance by the Pakistani team led them to win the match that many thought was an easy victory.

Pakistan vs India matches are anticipated and celebrated just as a festival in both India and Pakistan. The match started off just after the sunset and went on for about 4 hours. Upon Pakistan’s victory different streets throughout the country were filled with people celebrating in joy of the victory. It surely was a crazy celebration, well rightly so, since it was the first time in 8 Pak vs Ind T20 World Cup matches that Pakistan won.

Pakistan’s Bowling and The Shaheen Effect

Captain Babar Azam after winning the toss and choosing to ball, sent young blood Shaheen Afridi to ball against Indian openers. Shaheen in the first over took the wicket of Rohit Sharma at 0 and did the same with KL Rahul in the third over. Both these wickets were important to India and with them, Shaheen had put the Indian team under a lot of pressure.

After the initial wickets, Kohli and Suryakumar, tried hard to bring back the game into their hands. Hassan Ali however in the 6th over successfully managed to send off Suryakumar back to pavilion. After these 3 wickets Rishabh Pant alongside Kohli was able to score a few quick boundaries before being sent off by Shadab at 39 runs.

After Pant, Jadeja also went off from a fast paced ball by Hasan Ali. Kohli, who was the only one to stay fixed on the field, got out in the 19th over by Shaheen.

Pakistan took 7 wickets in total and the bowlling side was exceptional. Shaheen, however was clearly the star baller. With important wickets including Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, he put upon a good amount of pressure on India. Shaheen’s excellent performance, is surely a main factor for Pakistan’s victory.

Shaheen Afridi celebrating after Kohli's wicket
Shaheen Afridi celebrating after Kohli’s wicket

Pakistan’s Batting: A partnership filled with sensible cricketing

Pakistan started its batting with a target of 152, which considering the pitch conditions, was not that easy to chase. The batting started with captain Babar Azam and Muhammad Rizwan. Both Babar and Rizwan are famous for being an excellent opening duo and they did not disappoint this time either.

With the pitch being unfavorable towards the batting side, both Babar and Rizwan started their game by taking singles. Once settled onto the pitch, the duo made excellent doubles and started hitting into perfect gaps. Babar and Rizwan both played an intelligent and safe innings filled with well gapped and placed boundaries.

Both Babar and Rizwan went onto score their half centuries and continued their partnership until the end of the match. The match ended when Pakistan needed 2 runs on 14 balls and the duo took a double, carrying Pakistan to this historic victory.

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