Factory Explosion at Multan Road, Lahore killing 2

The explosion reportedly took place in the boiler of a beverage factory. The people died from the explosion include a factory worker and a passer by

A picture taken exactly at the time of the explosion
A picture taken exactly at the time of the explosion

LAHORE, PAISTAN – On Thursday 21st, an explosion on Mall Road, Lahore took place. The loud explosion left huge flames in the air, as people on the Mall Road stopped in shock. When inquired, the explosion reportedly took place in a beverage factory boiler.

The explosion and flames were so loud and strong that they had also affected nearby buildings and factories. Glasses in many different buildings are reportedly broken by the explosion.

Witnesses describing the explosion said, “When we heard the blast, we thought a bomb exploded somewhere”.

Soon after the loud explosion around seven firefighting vehicles came to the rescue and successfully extinguished the fire. According to sources, the boiler explosion has caused significant damage to the boiler factory.

The rescue teams were successfully able to evacuate all workers inside the factory, sadly 2 people died with the explosion. One of whom was a factory worker and the other, a passer by named ‘Yaseen’. Apart from this, the security guard of the factory have sustained 3rd degree burns and is currently under treatment.

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