Myths and controversies associated with COVID-19 Vaccines

World is struggling to overcome the pandemic for two years now. Covid-19 vaccine is now a positive ray of hope. People are both excited and reluctant about the vaccination.

2019 was the year when world faced the worst of the pandemic. Corona virus or Covid-19 made hundreds of people lost their lives and jobs. But now thanks to doctors and scientists vaccine have been produced effectively. There are different types of vaccines available in the market.

Each vaccine is effective and useful. Only the technology and formula is a bit different beside they all serves the cause. Pfizer, Moderna, Cansino, Sinopharm etc are some of the vaccines helping people out. China, USA, UK, Russia and many countries are trying their best to overcome the pandemic.

Portugal is the first country that has almost 84 percent of the populace vaccinated. Furthermore numbers are increasing in each country rapidly. Since the Covid-19 vaccine is out there are various myths and controversies that are circulating in the public. Some of them are listed below

1. Vaccine came out too soon, it must be malfunction

Scientists says that they have tested vaccines for good two months. There were hundreds of volunteers who sacrificed for this cause. The vaccines are fully tested and safe. Its just an absurd myth and it has nothing to do with any fake news.

2. Vaccine can cause COVID-19 itself

Any dose of vaccine cannot cause corona at any cost. Any FDA approved vaccine cannot give you virus because it does not contain the virus.

3. COVID-19 vaccine can transfer the chip in your body

The most funny and absurd myth Is that scientists, in collaboration with governments and intelligence, want to implant chips in humans in order to track their actions and navigate them. Scientists strongly condemn the accusation and call it a childish theory. A water based dose cannot contain any chip or device in it.

4. Vaccine messes up the DNA

According to scientists the RNA in the dose enters the body to boost immunity against different diseases and viruses. But there is no clear evidence of any disturbed DNA so far. Not a single such case is reported because of any dose.

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5. COVID-19 vaccine causes sterility

One of the biggest and most asked question was, whether it causes infertility or not. According to research on many women who want to get pregnant. Only two of 20 women get difficulty in pregnancy. The reason of problems can be genetic or stress.

6. Pregnant or Breast feeding mothers should not get vaccine

Scientists and doctors strongly condemn this act. If a pregnant lady catches the virus, fetus will be safe and sound. Moreover the breast feeding mothers can be stress-free because the vaccines do not change their hormones level so it will be safe for baby.

7. If you already survived the COVID-19, You don’t have to get the vaccine.

Vaccine will only increase the immunity in your body. If you already suffered from the virus then you just need a dose of vaccine and few SOPs to follow. It will keep you safe from getting virus again.

Arrival of first doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to UC Davis Health.

8. No side effects of vaccine so far

Vaccines affect people differently. Few do not feel a thing whereas few receivers feel irritation, minor flue, body pain or a little swelling on their body. But the side effects fade away within the 24 to 48 hours of getting the dose.

9. SOP’s can be neglected after getting a vaccine

Whether you get vaccine or not you have to follow all the SOP’s till the pandemic ends. This disease is highly contagious, it may spread in seconds. So while having a immunity booster as known as Corona Vaccine you must obey all the mandatory precautions as well.

10. People having heart or chronic diseases should avoid vaccine.

People who have underlying conditions like diabetes and heart disease for example are at a high risk for getting complications from COVID-19, so it’s even more important they should get vaccinated. It will help to boost their immunity and keep them safe from coronavirus.


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