Vlogger Irfan Junejo gets a shoutout from YouTube

YouTube on its official Instagram account, posted a picture of Irfan Junejo. In the caption they told people to head over to his channel and explore his cinematic universe

On Sunday 19th September, YouTube on its Instagram account gave out a shoutout to Pakistani YouTuber Irfan Junejo. YouTube in the shoutout post told its followers to check out Irfan’s channel. “Head to Irfan Junejo’s channel to wander into his cinematic universe” wrote YouTube in its caption.

Irfan since the start of his career has been consistent in collecting achievements. The content creator in just a few years of his YouTube career managed to get more than 1 million subscribers on his main channel. Unlike others, Irfan’s subscribers aren’t just numbers but a highly influenced fan base.

YouTube ban in Pakistan in the last few years limited its growth in the country. But now with YouTube itself recognizing and promoting a Pakistani creator is surely a big achievement for both Irfan and Pakistan.

Irfan Junejo while shooting a vlog in Azerbaijan
Irfan Junejo while shooting a vlog in Azerbaijan

Soon after YouTube made the Instagram post, Irfan’s fans were delighted and went onto appreciate the creator. Some fans shared the post on their Instagram stories, while others made positive comments on the post. This time Irfan’s fans weren’t the only one praising him. Different showbiz stars and celebrities such as singer ‘Uzair Jaswal’ also congratulated Irfan on their stories.

Irfan’s reaction to the shoutout by YouTube

Irfan just recently came back from a 17th month long YouTube break, which he took due to certain mental health reasons. This shoutout by YouTube was surely a perfect return gift for him. Irfan seemed delighted about the shoutout and commented a heart on the post.

Later Irfan talked about the shoutout on different platforms. In a Facebook post about the shoutout, Irfan wrote “So…this happened yesterday. YouTube’s official Instagram featured me and asked their 27 Million followers to check out my “cinematic universe”. He then wrote about how YouTube mentioning ‘Pakistan’ in the location tag is the highlight of the whole shoutout, while also using his famous ‘Represent!’ beside the sentence.

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