17th September: World Patient safety day 2021

World Patient Safety Day 2021 shout out for global solidarity and concerted action by whole world and international partners to improve patient safety.

As always world patient safety 2021 day brings together patients, families, caregivers, communities, health workers, health care leaders and policy-makers to show their commitment to patient safety.

Why WHO established Patient Safety Day?

The World Health Organization passed a resolution on 24th May 2019 to address global patient safety in a concerted manner. In this resolution, 17th September was designated as the day of World Patient Safety Day.  The WHO thinks that by having a World Patient Safety Day, we can prioritize and address patient safety through global solidarity and concerted action by all countries, stakeholders, patients and international partners. This approach resembles to our Patient Solidarity Day, in which our society and government involves in the effort.

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Theme of World Patient Safety Day 2021

For this Day, 17 September 2021, WHO urges all stakeholders to “Act now for safe and respectful childbirth! with the theme “Safe maternal and newborn care”.

On average 810 women die every day related to pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, around 6700 newborns are dying every day and about 2 million babies are stillborn every year.

Prevalence of load of risks and harm due to unsafe care exposes women and newborns at higher rate. Due to disruption of essential health services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign is even more important this year.


  1. Raise awareness on global level on the issues of maternal and newborn safety, particularly during childbirth.
  2. In order to improve maternal and new born safety, engage multiple stakeholders and adopt effective and innovative strategies.
  3. Call for urgent and sustainable actions by all stakeholders to ensure safe maternal and newborn care, particularly during childbirth.
  4. To prevent avoidable risks to mother and new born, advocate the adoption of best practices at the point of care.

Celebrating World Patient Safety Day 2021

During the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO plans a combination of activities to observe and celebrate the Day in September 2021. The signature mark of the global campaign is to light up iconic monuments, landmarks, and public places in the colour orange.

WHO calls upon all stakeholders – governments, nongovernmental organizations, patient organizations, civil society, professional organizations, academia and research institutes – to join the global campaign by lighting up iconic monuments in orange. There should be such organizations organizing international, national and local activities on and around 17 September 2021.

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