Lockdown in Kashmir, where is humanity?

Almost 600 days of lockdown in Kashmir is an exploitation of human rights and freedom. The silence of the world is enough to know the value of poor people’s lives in Kashmir.

KASHMIR – Imagine being a hostage in your own house. You cannot claim your own land. You cannot wander in your city freely. One cannot imagine to live in such circumstances. People in Kashmir are under this situation for decades. But situations got worse when Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi revoked article 37 and implement a massive lockdown in Kashmir.

Indian government imposed curfew on 5th August 2019. Heavy army troops got stationed at every exit and entry of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Internet service was terminated and food and medical supplies were restricted. Almost 500 men are abducted from their homes. Kids have been molested and attacked by Pallets bullets. Moreover women have been callously raped and tortured by Indian army.

Kashmir is always a matter of dispute in the region. India and Pakistan are constant in cold war for Kashmir. After the independence in 1947 , this issue arised immediately. In 1948 India deployed its army in the valley and captured it illegaly.

Later UN tried to resolve the issue within the region. According to that Kashmir is divided into two parts. Part of Kashmir and Gilgit/Baltistan became a part of Pakistan. Rest of Kashmir and Ladakh was under India’s occupancy. After the establishment of Line of Control (LOC), diplomatic relations between both countries got a bit better. But after this lockdown in Kashmir, Pakistan retaliates on all of its powers.

Demonstrator protest against the scrapping of the special constitutional status in Kashmir
Demonstrator protest against the scrapping of the special constitutional status in Kashmir

Effects of lockdown

Kashmir has seen the most ferocious genocide in 70 years. In this lockdown people in Kashmir suffered a lot. For almost 600 days they could not contact their loved ones. Food was scarce. They got no proper medications or facilities for Corona virus as well.

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Deteriorated economic conditions make their lives miserable. Indian army killed 479 men and 7 women. Several are missing. Their properties, land, businesses etc destroyed to the core. But the brave nation they are, they continued their struggle for freedom.

Curfew has been imposed from 5th August 2019 to 5th February 2021. Later a 2 days curfew imposed on 5th September to 7th September because of the death of Syed Gillani. But the after effects are irreversible. Internet service is restored in August 2021. Tourism started in January 2021. Furthermore the record number of tourist approached Kashmir in this period. Around 10.000 people visited Kashmir.

Role of Pakistan and other countries

Pakistan is one of the country who raised the voice against this terrorism. Prime Minister, Imran Khan addressed United Nations and ask them to stop this genocide as soon as possible. There were active protests all over the country. All the trade stopped at Israel level. Airspace was closed for indefinite period.

USA demanded an immediate resolution of matters. Iran said despite of having good relationship with India, the barbaric behavior should be end for the peace of region. Moreover Turkey raised voice too. OIC and Other human rights organizations also condemn lockdown in Kashmir on various platforms.

Imran Khan addressing UN
Imran Khan addressing UN

Indian’s Intentions for lockdown in Kashmir

India had vicious plans after imposing lockdown in Kashmir. After revocation of article 37 anyone outside the Kashmir can buy a land in valley. They are slowly silencing the voice of freedom fighters. Their main targets are kids and young men. After the martyr of Burhan Wani undoubtedly the fight for freedom got intense. Now the lust of power is uncontrollable for Indian government. May the blood of freedom fighters never go in vain.

Tourists walk past Indian security forces during curfew like restrictions in Jammu, India, Monday, Aug. 5, 2019.
Tourists walk past Indian security forces during curfew like restrictions in Jammu, India, Monday, Aug. 5, 2019.

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