A revisit to the devastating 9/11 attacks

20 years ago we witnessed the devastating 9/11 attacks. World has been a lot different since then. Here are details about the attacks.

On September 11, 2001 exactly 20 years from now took place one of the most catastrophic and unexpected attacks in the history of mankind. The 9/11 attacks included four different plane crashes that took place around different American states and left the country devastated. Every year on the September 11, people come out in remembrance of these attacks.

The investigation and trials of the attacks are still going on. The Al Qaeda however is claimed to be the master mind behind these attacks. It as found out that members of the terrorist organization hijacked several of the planes taking away from different US airports. The hijackers then moved onto steer the planes off from their destination and moved them onto a Kamikaze mission of crashing into important buildings.

This attack that largely changed the world of International politics have quite the details with it.

Details of the 9/11 attacks

It was a busy Tuesday morning of the September 11 2001. People were all about their business and the streets were filled with people walking up to work and in the financial district of lower Manhattan, New York city.

It started at 8:46 when an American airline plane was spotted nearing towards one of the World’s Trade Centre towers. The airplane soon after being spotted went crashing into the building. The plane wings were seen swirling around and then straightening right before hitting the 80th floor of the 110th floored sky scraper. This impact trapped multiple people inside, while others tried jumping outside. The streets were a havoc, with people rushing in and out of buildings.

It was all being considered to be just a devastating up until after 17 minutes of it. On 9:03 another Airplane, this time a Boeing 717 was seen flying at a lower than normal altitude. The airplane soon after being spotted, crashed into the second tower of the World Trade Centre. The airplane went slicing through the 60th floor thus creating a much bigger impact and explosion. People both inside and near both the buildings were found dead or injured. Police and fire fighters then arrived to evacuate the buildings and to save the injured lives.

While the whole of America was trying to digest what had just happened, took place another attack and this too a plane crash. It happened at 9:37 when another one of hijacked American Airline flight went crashing into the most important US military base ‘Pentagon’. The plane had hit the west side of the Pentagon headquarters in Washington. The impact completely destroyed the west side killing many important military personals.

An image of the Pentagon Military base after being hit by the hijacked airplane

Following the three attacks took place another airplane hijack took place. This was a United Airline flight traveling from New Jersey to San Francisco and had around 40 passengers in it. The hijackers entered the plane’s cockpit around midway and turned the direction of the flight. The hijackers then took the airplane near a town named Pittsburg, This airplane then crashed into an empty field killing all those inside it.

Hijacks and crashing of the four of these airplanes on the same day was surely a devastating blow to the USA. A total of 2,977 people died in the attacks making it the worst terrorist attack that the US has seen.


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