A new island emerged on the coast of Balochistan

A new island discovered near the coast of Kund Malir Balochistan. Due to geological changes and earthquakes, such incidents are common to witness.

New island in Baluchistan

Kund Malir, Gawadar, Balochistan: A new island appeared on the sea this Thursday. It is massive in size and mostly a pile of mud. It is near Somniani Beach.

Meanwhile, a technical advisor on marine fisheries at World Wild Fund (WWF), Moazzam Khan, told a news outlet that such islands formed due to geographical changes within the ocean depths. Such structures remain in place for a short time, and diminish back into the seas, Khan added.

DIG Gwadar while speaking with a news outlet said the island’s altitude was around 20 to 40 feet while the width is around 100 feet. The island emerged at a distance of 350 feet in the sea from the coast.

A number of such Islands had earlier emerged near the same location between 2000 and 2010. In the year 2013, an island was formed off Gwadar coast after a huge earthquake of 7.7 magnitude struck the southwestern coast of Pakistan.

Balochistan the real beauty of Pakistan

Pakistan is undoubtedly bless with amazing scenic beauty and beautiful weather conditions. But for a longest time Balochistan was remain unrecognized. Now world is a much small place than we anticipated. Travel is really common in recent times. The hidden beauty of Balochistan is now unleashing. The alluring mirages, waterfalls, landscapes and unique gems collection makes it eccentric.

With the development of Gwadar, now Pakistan has biggest seaport to business with. The future of Pakistan is safe and bright. A lot of people are visiting Gwadar for investment purposes. Its appealing beaches are breath taking. With minimalistic human interference in nature. All the beaches and waterfalls are crystal clear. That attracts the local as well as foreign tourists. A new island in this region may stride a new layer of tourism or a sign of climate change. Only time will tell.


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